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Unsolicited letters of appreciation received from clients

up to June 2011 at start of semi retirement, from design and management

May 2011
From a client near Salisbury

"At long last, a huge thank you for doing such a wonderful job with all the work, renovations and redecoration that had to be carried out here. ... there is no way I could have coped without your amazing help, attention to the smallest detail and keeping a close eye on the never ending bills. I am so, so pleased with everything, especially the bathroom and shower rooms. So, again a massive thank you for your help, care and consideration here at ..."

March 2011
From a Salisbury Solicitor following a case in which Adrian was an expert witness

"This is just a note to say many thanks for your invaluable assistance in resolving matters. I will certainly continue to recommend you to others after today!"

February 2007
Regarding a complaint about a building permis-de-construire in France to the local French Mayor made (in French) on behalf of a client

"Your letter to the Mayor was superb......You have done a splendid job, whatever the final outcome, and you can quote me on that"...

June 2006
From a client near Salisbury

"My brother and I are very pleased with the extended hall and repositioned cloakroom built by Romsey Builders following the plans you kindly drew up on my behalf. The alterations, with the additional windows, have improved and lightened the ground floor beyond our expectation, and the outside of the house is considerably enhanced by the ground floor extension with its superbly designed roof and porch. There have been many favourable comments from friends and neighbours who have followed its progress. I made sure they know who designed and built it! Our sincere thanks for drawing up the excellent plan………… Your help with all aspects of the project is greatly valued and the final result much appreciated."

June 2006
From a client with a house in the Pas de Calais

"I would like to thank you for all your help, we are very pleased at the outcome now that the cottage is virtually finished and could not have achieved this without your help………….."

February 2006
From a client in Normandy

"Thank you for carrying out this project for us. As you know, we are for the most part very satisfied with everything which has been done…………."

February 2006
From a client with a house in Mayenne

As the renovation of this small property has proceeded, we have watched, with close interest, the design work that you have carried out, the administration of the necessary bureaucracy and the selection and management of the builders.

You have remained available and responsive throughout this project as issues have arisen and we thank you. The quality of the work produced by the different trades people has been of very high standard and generally exceeded out expectations.

Your wide experience has clearly benefited us and we thank you for your management and interest at both a professional and personal level……………."

Oct 2005
From a solicitor in the Isle of Man to a colleague in London - copied to me.

re: Expert Witness.

"However, one matter that may be of interest to you in the expert witness that we have obtained who is Mr Adrian Barrett who is a Design and Construction Consultant throughout the United Kingdom and France.

Suffice to say, we are most impressed with Mr.Barrett's assistance in relation to this matter and accordingly I would have no hesitation in recommending that you touch base with him to see if he would be a suitable expert in cases of this type in which your Chambers may be involved…………………."

April 2003
From a client in Buckinghamshire,

to me written on my account when he paid it……….

"Adrian, Extremely good report. Many thanks."

February 2003
From a client near Salisbury.

"Many thanks, also, for your expert help and advice throughout the project. It was not nearly as painful as we had imagined beforehand and we are delighted with the end result!"

March 2002
From a client near Salisbury.

"We are very much enjoying the new kitchen. Even small things like level worktops and dry cupboards are giving me great pleasure. ………….We have enjoyed your company as well as much appreciating your knowledge, skill and support. The high standards of workmanship you expected have resulted in two happy clients. Certainly we could not have managed without you and have no problem in recommending you highly to people in the future."

and some from before

From a Salisbury client

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for your helpful advice and constant attention during the course of this job? I am very pleased with the high standard of work achieved."

From another Salisbury client

"All the work was carried out to my full satisfaction and I would like to thank you for your services and assistance in arranging everything."

From a London solicitor

"Mr...... has also mentioned that he was very pleased with your report and I think it might, in the circumstances, be appropriate if I were to mention his appreciation."

From the MD of a national brewery

"I have been asked by our planning and properties committee to congratulate you on the excellent design, planning and conversion you carried out for us at the...... Public House in Poole. The concept is highly original...... we will of course seek your services in order to complete stage 2. Our thanks too for the excellent architectural and design work you do in the Free trade, and hope our trading relationships will continue to prosper."

From a solicitor in Devizes ( re: Expert Witness)

First of all may I thank you for the considerable help that you provided at the hearing of this matter at the end of January last.

Naturally, Mr…… in particular and also of course, his wife, were very pleased with the outcome. This was due in no small way to the efforts of your good self. Naturally, I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my colleagues………………"

From a solicitor in London ( re: Expert Witness)

"The case was settled on terms that neither side should make any payment to the other. For the record, I was pleased with the work that you did, and I am sure that your clear and concise report contributed to what I regard as a successful result."

From a client in Salisbury

"We are certainly pleased with the design and finish of our new extension."

From a client in Dorset with a house in the Vendée. (re: Structural Survey)

Many thanks for very efficient service, Money well spent!

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