Adrian Barrett is a chartered builder & interior designer, offering architecture, project management, structural surveys, expert advice for litigation, UK & France.
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expert advice for litigation

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Even a silly mistake by the builders, like this one, becomes part of the investigation if it has caused the clients delay or additional cost and inconvenience.

Adrian Barrett?s extensive experience in all aspects of the construction industry is fundamental to his being a reliable and sought-after Expert Witness. His name was added to the Law Society Register of Expert Witnesses in 1990 and he now works regularly with lawyers in cases relating to construction, decoration or design. He has also been trained in courtroom skills by Bond Solon in London and is able to act, if necessary, as a Single Joint Expert (SJE). Adrian is thought to be the only professionally trained decorator who is also registered with the Law Society as an Expert Witness in the field of decorating.

Adrian has experience in both the Small Claims Court and High Court - that is both small and large claims. He has been commissioned by individuals, lawyers, loss adjusters and insurance companies; he gives verbal advice and produces detailed written reports providing a thorough investigation of a problem for arbitration and, if necessary, he will appear in court.

Typical problems which can give rise to litigation and require the services of an Expert Witness include alleged inferior workmanship; inferior/faulty materials; contract particulars/details; over-running of a contract; failure to complete a contract - from either side; overcharging; non-payment. In Oct 2006, Adrian was commissioned by the owner's lawyers in London and Hamburg to carry out a full inspection of the furniture, fittings and decorative finishes of this luxury private yacht which had been refitted at a cost of £2million on the Kiel Canal in Germany. The clients were not happy with some of the workmanship. Following a week inspecting the vessel in Germany, Adrian submitted his report which was used by the lawyers to help to resolve the dispute.