Adrian Barrett is a chartered builder & interior designer, offering architecture, project management, structural surveys, expert advice for litigation, UK & France.
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All work is carried out on a fee basis. Fees are quoted for each contract in advance. Having agreed fees, clients are required to enter into a formal contract for all commissions.

The fees are charged

  1. On a fixed hourly rate (minimum 4 hours) when: working on a short time basis
  2. Court time on a daily basis


The instruction is of an advisory nature - including all advice for litigation

An hourly rate will be quoted and agreed with clients before a commission is accepted.

For clients who are new to me, an initial fee payment will be required.


Expenses may include:

  1. Fees to local authorities
  2. Duplication of documents
  3. Travel
    Travel expenses will be claimed for contracts in France and the Channel Islands and for distances exceeding 20 miles in the UK.
    NB Whenever possible travel costs are shared between clients - particularly when working on contracts in France.
  4. Subsistence Expenses
    For accommodation in 2 or 3 star hotels and for living and out of pocket expenses.
  5. Telephone/Faxes
    (Long distance, i.e. over 50 miles) This excludes French contracts where the fee structure includes the cost of necessary phone calls to France.
  6. Translation of Documents
    Documentation is generated in the language of the country of contract. If the client wishes to have these contract documents translated into any other language (i.e. translation not necessary for carrying out the contract) he/she must pay for the translation.

For further information on any of the services offered by Adrian Barrett in the UK, France and the Channel Islands, please contact Adrian at any time and he will be pleased to speak to you.