Adrian Barrett is a chartered builder & interior designer, offering architecture, project management, structural surveys, expert advice for litigation, UK & France.
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French structural surveys

Small French chateaux are often included in client’s needs for surveys.

Adrian Barrett has completed many full structural surveys for clients in both the UK and France (the English style in-depth structural survey and report is not usually available from French construction professionals). Chartered Builders and Chartered Surveyors are considered as equals by the British banks and building societies.

Although there is no legal requirement in either the UK or France to commission a full structural survey on a property prior to purchase, many buyers choose to have one so that they can be advised on all there is to know about that property, including essential, and often unseen, structural repair work. Following inspection, Adrian is also able to answer questions and give advice on proposed works.

Surveys of old agricultural buildings in France are a regular feature of Adrian’s work.

In addition, Adrian has often encountered French wildlife in the lofts and walls of the rural buildings. These have included bats, owls, wasps, hornets, bees, lizards, rats and mice. Only once did any of them do him any harm when a large number of wasps stung him on the face and hands after he had inadvertently disturbed their nest in a shutter box. The most dangerous of these are hornets that are very much larger than those in England.

Surveys are usually carried out within a short time following instruction from a client subject to the property's location. A verbal report is given on the day of inspection and a full written report - complete with supporting photographic evidence - is usually available within a week of the inspection.

Exterior House Photo
Dry Rot

A property that looks well from the outside may still have been exposed to "DRY ROT"

Exterior House Photo
On entering an old French (roofless) building in July 2007, the interior was rather different from that expected!

Interior beams are examined carefully.



structural, measuring and condition surveys

Structural, Measuring and Condition Surveys